Zinedin Bautista


Computer Science Student & Artificial Intelligence | zinedinbautista@gmail.com


I'm a future computer science and artificial intelligence graduate. I'm a dedicated human being, as evidence showed from me being the first in the family to graduate from high school and attend a college/university with a dual major. And I'm going to become the first in the family to graduate no matter the obstacles. I have the motivation to accomplish my tasks and goals.


As an advancing computer science & artificial intelligence student, I've developed multiple console applications as my source of experience and simple AI programs. But some of the major projects that I've created are a...

  • Rythm-Based Game With Unity
  • Interactive Story With Minigames Like Hangman, Blackjack With Local Multiplayer, And A Word decryption
  • React Cookbook Website
  • Program Simulating A Binary Tree
  • Program Simulating Hash Table
  • Program Simulating Sorting Algorithm
  • Alexa Chatbot
  • Stock Market Predictor
  • AI Music Generator
  • Speech Recognition
  • High School/College Student AI Assistant
  • Facial Recognition
  • This Website You're Reading

What I do as an advancing computer science & artificial intelligence student is to learn how to program and learn about the development of software, and learn to develop and integrate artificial intelligence into applications. I learned to do this by programming in C++ and Python. I program applications through using IDE's such as Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code, PyCharm, and Google Colaboratory. I also do HTML and CSS for website development. And have learned Database management using MySQL and SQL.


Bachelor Degree in Advancing Computer Science
University of Advancing Technology

Expected SUMMER 2021

Bachelor Degree in Artificial Intelligence
University of Advancing Technology

Expected SUMMER 2021

Highschool Diploma
Steamboat Springs High School

JUNE 2018

Programming Markup Langauge Style Sheet Langauge Query Langauge Database Management System IDE Documentation Tools Web Frameworks
C++ HTML CSS SQL MySQL Visual Studio Microsoft Word React
Python - - - - Visual Studio Code Microsoft Excel React Native
JavaScript - - - - PyCharm Microsoft PowerPoint -
- - - - - Google Colaboratory Google Docs -
- - - - - - Google Slides -
- - - - - - Google Sheets -


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