Community Statement

As someone who is majoring in both advancing computer science and artificial intelligence. In broader terms I would be a member of the technology field community but for me I would specifically be within the realms of the programming development and AI community. The programming development community emphasizes being a problem solver and using the power of computers to build websites or applications, program robots, mine data, and more. While the AI community emphasizes similar aspects of the programming development community. And I would say the AI community branches of the programming development community, with the major difference being that the AI community develops artificial intelligence to make a computer replicate human-like behavior.

I personally want to be an active member in the AI community that develops artificial intelligence to help people's health. AI is already being used in the healthcare industry as AI is used to efficiently diagnose patients and reduce the chances of a misdiagnosed. This community uses their problem solving skills to help relieve the lingering issue that everyone faces in their life which is disease. Of course we aren’t trying to solve mortality but instead trying to make sure that treatment is easier and quicker to access. Now artificial intelligence isn’t gonna directly cure something like influenza, as artificial intelligence isn’t medicine. But artificial intelligence can enhance our ability to detect disease, better understand it, and prevent it from getting worse than it should.

My student innovation project will be the biggest evidence of me wanting to participate with this community. There are a vast amount of humans who have a phone and interact with it on a daily basis, so why not use the phone as not just a tool of communication and entertainment but also as a tool for helping people's health. As mentioned before there is a portion of the AI community that develops artificial intelligence to help people's health. If the community wishes to spread their tools to improve human health then we should target the one device that everyone is using which would be the phone. If we can develop artificial intelligence that can harness the full power and utilities that a phone provides then we can prevent unwanted suffering.

I as of now haven’t been that engaged in this community as much as I would like. I have worked with developing AI to help students with their assignments, So I suppose I have developed AI that helps the personal lives of people. But also I have developed AI that can help diagnose whether someone might have diabetes by providing the AI data that would correlate on whether someone might or might not have diabetes. I’ve also studied and researched how AI has improved the healthcare field and how it continues to do so. I’ve looked at GitHub projects that involved creating AI to help in some aspect in the healthcare field. I have developed AI that has natural language processing, meaning it can understand human emotion which can be a useful tool for mental health. Which is something that needs to be helped with artificial intelligence, as one thing I’ve noticed is a lot of AI that is used in healthcare are for physical illnesses and there few tools for mental health. Which is what my student innovation project is trying to address and solve the ongoing issue that is mental illness. Many people live their lives under severe mental pain and need as much proper care as we can provide them. And the inspiration for this project came from my personal pursuit of wanting to program something that can help someone's health. So even though I might have not worked a lot in developing AI for health I still have programming skills with AI in particular as I’ve created AI that can predict the stock market, develop music, understand human speech, text, and images. I have the drive to want to be a problem solver for this community by helping people's health and help this community expand its utilities to help people's health by showing what can be done with a phone.